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Тест-драйв ТАНК ИС-3 / IS-3 (расширенная версия)

  • 23-08-2013, 01:08
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тест-драйв Танк ИС 3 снимался в 2009 году, когда никого ВОТа не было. Данный тест является режиссерской версией. Звук дерьмо, сделано специально. ИС-3 тяжёлый советский танк. ИС-3 запустили в серийное производство в последние дни Великой Отечественной войны. ИС-3 НЕ УСПЕВАЛ принять в ней участие. Поэтому его считают одним из первых послевоенных советских танков. ИС означает «Иосиф Сталин». Индекс 3 соответствует третьей серийной модели танка этого семейства._________________________________________________________________________I.Z. -- Good morning. Just over a month and the Victory day will come. Today I would like to tell you about the last tank made in the years of the Great Patriotic War.Soviet heavy panzer IS-3 "Joseph Stalin". It didn't participate in the war, because the tank had been produced at Chelyabinsk's factory in May 1945, when Nazi Germany surrendered. But this miracle of Russian gunsmiths must be demonstrated to the world. And September 7, 1945 at Charlottenburg highway, where gave up the last German soldier of Berlin garrison, the group of 52 tanks was passed, which consisted of the latest soviet tanks IS-2. The parade was a significant one, due to participation of the garrison commanders of the allied occupation forces and allied equipment. The parade of Soviet equipment had to finish allied parade. You know, even there Russian bear had success. After all, for a machine 1945 it was advanced and unusual, such tanks, taking into consideration the bloody battles of that period, were not produced neither USA nor England nor especially France. The body of tank IS-3 was fully welded, armor plates were under shallow slope angles, forming a "Pike's nose" ahead. The armor was very powerful, especially for that time simply unprecedented - 250 mm on the turret and 120 mm in the front part of the body. I.Z. -- Certainly it's not a bombshell (stone in the hands) ... but it is better to demonstrate the ... see? ... Due to the strong inclination of the armor walls of the turret ... bombshells simply flew away from the panzer. By the way during the test of the tank, thrashed him at point blank range from a German 88-mm tank cannon, without result, the effect - zero. Even dents weren't remained. Flat turret has one hatch with a double roof, it facilitates the seating of the crew, because they do not have to crowd into. One part is for the commander and one for gun charger. Leviathan's armament is very impressive. 122-mm cannon D-25T, large-caliber machine gun of Degtyarev and Shpagin 12.7 mm and tank modernized machine gun of Degtyarev 7.62 mm. Certainly, as of today all the machine guns are dismantled. But there were the time! I.Z. -- The commander, by the way can manage the turret, in the battlefield terms it will reduce time of cannon aiming..... Fire!!! The main part of the bombshells with separate loading was along the wall of the turret, at an angle and that was comfortable enough. Allowance of ammunition consisted of 28 shots.Effective shooting range was about a kilometer, but with a telescopic sight TSH-17 it will be possible to accurately throw a bombshell to the 5 km, and with the side level to the 15 kilometers. Rapidity of fire -- 2-3 shots per min. I.Z. -- At the first time in domestic tank construction industry, mechanic-driver was sat in the middle... How can I climb up there/ The power of the machine can be estimated, just listening to the figures. V-twin, 12-cylinder diesel engine with the capacity of 39 liters and a maximum power of 520 hp. This is a formidable force. But, unhurried from modern point of view. Maximum speed on a highway -- 40 km per hour. The steering of the tank does not differ from its ancestor IS-2. Mechanical four-way and four-speed transmission with reduction gear had to switch with force. But I haven't overcome the second gear and reverse gear. I.Z. -- I see nothing from this viewing device... it's better to open a hatch...It's difficult to drive with triplex, and I'm a nominal tanker. Well, at least the hatch is fixed, because during the tank driving steel and heavy roof can easily cut off one's head. But it's nice that seven meters steel monster reacts on the levers turn as a sports car, however very, very slow sports car. And that behind your back there are about 50 tons of steel, makes you to feel horripilation on yours back. Revolutionary for its time, the machine had a huge influence on the postwar world tank industry. And even without taking part in the battles for the Motherland, IS-3 anyway is a winner. Since this is the most perfect postwar tank.

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